Happy Birthday Blue Spruce!

Did you know that this Spring marks the 2nd birthday for Blue Spruce Birth and Wellness? Yes, we are now two years old and growing!

As you might guess, birthdays are pretty special for a nurse-midwife and this milestone for my women’s healthcare practice is definitely no exception as it carries with it the birth of my purpose. To be “with women.”

Ever since I was a young girl I was drawn to supporting the physical and mental abilities of all girls. Maybe it was due to being raised by women who encouraged my independence. Maybe it grew from challenging traditional gender and family roles. I don’t know. But I knew what I felt.

When I was young, I heard Ethel Murman sing “Anything you can do (I can do better),” and the words became a mantra for my childhood and adolescence. My goals and dreams dangling like a carrot in front of me; I strived to do better in everything I did. Always learning from mistakes and past experiences even to this day.

In two years, I have served close to 100 women at different points in their lifetime. Yep, just me. That may not seem like much in this big world but as their nurse-midwife I have been able to meet each and everyone of these women where they are. The term midwife means “with women,” and it is an honor to do what I am meant for. To fulfill my purpose here on this earth.

This small, humble, solo practice has now grown to two nurse-midwives and three awesome birth assistants. I am so excited to have Allie join me! Our office space has doubled and we continue to add services for you. But my goals and dreams for Blue Spruce Birth and Wellness are still taking shape. So as we celebrate this momentous occasion, I look forward to many more “Happy Birthdays” with my heart (and doors) always open.

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