Good Luck, Allie CNM!

We are sad to announce that our lovely midwife, Allie CNM, is leaving Blue Spruce Birth and Wellness to pursue her interests in women’s health and reproductive justice. We will miss her terribly but we also wish her the best in her future endeavors!

Nursing is truly a vast and meaningful profession. There are many different ways to work and practice in this field. This is the reason I chose a career in the nursing profession and why so many of my colleagues have as well.

As nurse-midwives, we not only care for people during pregnancy and childbirth but for people in all ages and stages of their reproductive years. We are advanced practice providers, advocates for health and bodily autonomy, and makers of change by improving the quality and safety of healthcare for all people. However, and in whatever capacity, we choose to do this meaningful work; we are blessed beyond measure.

Good luck, Allie!

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